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Post Frame Buildings

Are you are in search of a quality Post & Frame building for your project? We have got you covered. Whether you are wanting a shop, home, or commercial building, we can provide you with the whole package. 

***Currently only selling buildings in OK

Currently only servicing Oklahoma for providing buildings and erection services

Design Services

We can provide you with a complete set of custom plans that will match up perfectly with your building order

Post Frame Building Kit 

We will provide you with a building quote based off of your plans and take care of the whole process with ordering your building

Post Frame Building
Post Frame Structure
Barndominium Design

So...why a post frame?


Here are a few reasons to choose a wood Post & Frame building for your barn, shop or Barndominium. 

  • Post and frame buildings are often less expensive than steel buildings. On average about 15-20% depending on size and location. 

  • Post frame buildings do not require a traditional foundation, thereby saving thousands of dollars on the project. 

  • If the client chooses, a dirt or gravel floor can be installed after the building is completed. 

  • Wood frame building can easily span up to 60’. 

  • We recommend a building with an eave height of no more than 18’ under most circumstances. 

  • Wood post and frame buildings are easy to erect and can be a good option for the do it yourself client. 

  • No maintenance exterior with the metal siding and roof. 


Things to consider before going with a wood post and frame building:

  • Limits to eave heights. Usually no more than 18’. 

  • Limits to building width. Approximately 60’ more or less depending on the manufacturer. 

  • Larger buildings usually require multiple trucks when shipping the building to the jobsite, therefore it would be a higher freight cost. 

  • Lower fire rating than steel. 

  • Possible termite hazzard as with any wood framed house

  • Post frame buildings are not usually engineered top to bottom. The roof trusses are engineered by the manufacturer, but the rest of the structure is not. A registered structural engineer would need to stamp the building plans for a permit. 

Overall, Post & Frame buildings are a great, economical option for your home or shop. We currently only serve Oklahoma for the post & frame buildings, however, if you are out of state we definitely still help you with the design.


Need help getting your building put up? No problem, we have a list of preferred contractors to erect your shop or home.


Tell us more about your project to receive a building quote!

***Currently only selling buildings in OK

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