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What We Do

At Greg James Designs, our team is here to walk with you through the design process of your home. We specialize in custom plans for Metal Building Homes, Post & Frame Homes, ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) Homes and Home Renovation Design. We can also provide you with a Metal building from World Wide Steel Buildings and help you throughout the construction process.

Design Process

We work close with you throughout the design process of your home and provide you with quality working plans that are personalized to your likings. You are allotted 3 drafts to create a completely custom floor plan. After you are sent each draft you will review them and make notes so you and your designer can make any changes necessary. Once you and your designer have completed your plans you will receive your plans via email without the water mark and you can take those plans to your: Mortgage Company, Building Provider, Construction Manager, etc.

Here is what will be included with your bid set plans:

  • Floor Plans

  • Elevations

  • 3D Renderings

  • Preliminary Set of Construction Plans

To receive a quote and our design agreement fill out the form below.


Check out our Youtube channel to hear more about the different building types and other tips

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